Psychotherapy is designed to improve your functioning in life. You may focus on alleviating symptoms like anxiety or depression, changing dysfunctional behaviors or coping better with specific problems. I work with adults on problems of daily life and issues related to relationships, including parenting. My orientation involves examining patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior with a strong emphasis on the present. I have found cultivating mindfulness skills and positive health and wellness behaviors to be important in achieving optimal results.


  • involves making changes in the way you think, feel and behave
  • generally focuses on the present and future but may also illuminate the past
  • is conducted face-to-face, in the office or via video, in 45 minute sessions, weekly or bi-weekly
  • may be paid for, in part, with health insurance

Your psychotherapist will:

  • suggest methods to improve your ability to manage thoughts, feelings and behavior effectively
  • direct you in selecting and achieving goals
  • help you identify the issues you want to focus on
  • be there to support your efforts to reach desired outcomes

Judith Tutin, PhD, CMC.

Rome, Georgia.

Phone: 706-232-5544