Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Coaching assists you in creating goals for achieving greater life satisfaction, fulfilment and enhanced performance in both your personal and work lives. Using specialized techniques, coaching can touch a variety of areas in your life. You may focus on achieving specific individual goals related to relationships, health and wellness, life balance, and job performance. Couples coaching can improve communication and problem-solving leading to greater relationship satisfaction.


  • helps clarify issues and solve problems through action and accountability
  • enables you to identify options and try out solutions
  • challenges you to grow in exciting new ways
  • is conducted in the office, on the phone or via video in 30-60 minute sessions
  • occurs weekly or bi-weekly and is paid for directly by the client, not through insurance

Your coach will:

  • be there to help you identify and move toward goals, and be accountable
  • keep you on target with the agenda you set for each coaching call
  • work with you to identify and capitalize on your unique strengths
  • maintain focus on the big picture

Judith Tutin, PhD, CMC.

Rome, Georgia.

Phone: 706-232-5544