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Psychotherapy is a health care service designed to identify, diagnose, and treat psychological disorders. The goals of psychotherapy include alleviating symptoms, understanding your underlying personality dynamics, changing dysfunctional behaviors, and helping you cope with problems. I work with adults on issues related to depression, anxiety and relationships, including parenting. I work with adolescents on similar issues. My orientation involves changing patterns of thinking and behavior with a strong emphasis on the present.



•  involves making changes in the way you think and the things you do

•  may focus on understanding the past, supporting you in the present and/or moving into the future

•  is conducted face-to-face, in the office, in 45 minute sessions, generally weekly or every other week

•  may be paid for, in part, with health insurance


Your psychotherapist will:

•  suggest goals and methods to improve your ability to manage issues in your life

•  direct you in selecting goals and strategies to achieve goals

•  help you identify the issues you want to focus on